General rules and terms of use for the Rural Resort

Booking and payment

When making a booking in the site you will be asked to make a deposit (40% of your accommodation price) through bank transfer. The full payment will be done on arrival plus the deposit amount for covering damages, losses or impairments.

The deposit amount will be given back once you leave the Rural Resort, when the staff checks the apartment conditions.

You will have 3 days to transfer the booking amount after the landlord supplies you the account number. The payment amount will be the 40% of the total accommodation price. Please note that failure to make payment in full by this date will result in the booking cancellation.

All cancellations or amendments must be made as soon as possible. If you cancel your booking at least 15 days before the check-in, you will get your money back. If you cancel your booking between 14 and 8 days before the check-in, it will be kept a 50% of the paid amount, and if the cancellation is made on the seventh day before the check-in, the total booking amount will be kept.

Accepting the booking and stay at “La Tejera” Rural Resort implies compliance of all the internal rules.


On arrival to “La Tejera” Rural Resort and when you confirm your booking, customers will pay by cash the total accommodation amount, and they will fill out a form according to hosting legislation (it will be required to submit the ID card). They will be given the general rules and terms of use for the Rural Resort, and they will accept them by signing the index card.

If the number of customers’ exceeds the vacancies for each apartment, the landlord is authorized to ask for a proportional compensation per person, and if it is not possible the hosting, the landlord can refuse them.

The landlord is in commitment to give the accommodation in perfect condition. On the arrival, the apartment will be checked and, if there is any deficiency, it will be solved as quick as possible.

Check-in and check-out will be executed in a discreet and correct way, using automatic doors, and leaving vehicles in the parking lot. Before the check-out, customers should close doors properly. They will get a remote control and apartment keys. In case of loss, they should pay 40€ to replace them.

Customers are not allowed to carry out any illegal, harmful, dangerous, unhealthy or bothering activity in the Rural Resort. Facilities will be kept in perfect condition and use, and in case of damage, they are bond to inform someone during their stay.

Cleaning during the accommodation period is customers’ responsibility, as well as keeping them closed during their absence.


Customers are in charge of keeping the apartment in proper conditions, besides treating it respectfully. The landlord is not responsible of any loss or oversight as personal item or clothing. Nonetheless, the landlord will send COD any oversight in case of contact us.

It is not allowed to make bothering noisies between 11.00 pm and 9.00 am. It is not either allowed the use of common facilities, music or any other activity outside.

You can contact our qualified staff through a phone call to solve any problem, and its use is justified 24h if it is an emergency.

Cleaning, maintenance and equipments

Heating and Air Conditioning on and off by thermostatic control to the customer , these being adjusted for your stay pleasant temperatures . Please stay off these when they leave the accommodation in order to achieve economic and environmental savings.

The houses have hot water accumulators , which after making a non- rational and high consumption of it , could leave warming to take some time and the heating system is reset.

The houses are equipped with prepaid electricity meters , so that the excess of the estimated consumption in each house for a normal stay, be levied by purchasing rechargeable cards 20kKw / has a cost of € 6 each card.

The care will be maximized during the use of fireplaces and barbecues, and the landlord has the right to establish their use depending on the current regulations. The delivery of firewood is free, rationally and according to the length of stay.


Customers will give the keys before leaving the Rural Resort, and the apartment will be checked by the qualified staff and customers agreeing the general rules and terms. It will not be accepted any complaint after the check-out date.

If customers have to leave before the check-out date, there will not be given any amount back.

“La Tejera” Rural Resort has complaint forms available to the customer, and at the same time, it is grateful for any suggestion in order to improve future stays.